Mission Statement

About Us

Brooklyn Lab School is a positive learning environment. Being successful here means working hard, coming to school every day, making friends who are positive influences in your life, participating in class discussions, and getting involved in school activities.

We believe that you deserve the opportunity to have a range of choice for attending college. We contend that every student should experience a rigorous high school education that prepares him or her for success in college and post-secondary life. We believe that with the right supports, expectations and school culture, you can excel.

Our school is an environment where you will be known well, cared for, and graduate knowing that there is nothing that cannot be accomplished with perseverance, the pursuit of knowledge and community involvement. We strive to be a place where all of our students are accepted to college, confident that they have the knowledge, skills, and habits that will ensure them post-graduation success with their academic endeavors, careers, and healthy lives.