School Counselors

9th Grade and ENL Student's Counselor

Hola! I am a Bilingual School Counselor at the Brooklyn Lab School.  It is my pleasure to guide my students through their academic, social-emotional and college/career readiness journey throughout their four years of high school.  I especially love to teach students how to use DBT skills, like mindfulness, to help them manage their emotions and reach their goals.  You can find me in the Zen Den(Room 118).  I can also be reached by email.

10th & 11th Grade student's Counselor


Hi.  I work with a majority of the sophomore and junior students this school year.  I support students within the three domains of School Counseling: Academic, Social-Emotional and College and Career Readiness.  I'm new to the Brooklyn Lab School and feel very welcomed and proud to be part of a vibrant community.  
You can find me in room 106 and most easily contact me via email.  

12th Grade & Early Graduates School Counselor

Hello, my name is Ms. Sencion and I am a school counselor at Brooklyn Lab School.  Here at BLS we support students with their academics, mental/emotional health and your post-secondary planning process.  We focus on engaging students through their academic experiences, social, mental/emotional programs and activities throughout their high school career.  I welcome you to the BLS family and look forward to getting to know you.  Feel free to stop by my office in room 104 or reach out via email if you have any questions or concerns. 

Best Regards,